Sutherland Sites | Website Quotation

Cost price of a website

Here are some ballpark figures for the cost and upkeep of websites we  at Sutherland Sites create. 

Sutherland Sites Website Creation | Printing Company Creative

Landing Page


We will create a one page website for your business / product.  The value of these websites are simple, and straight to the point.


Simple yet effective.

Sutherland Sites Website Creation | Arthie Moore

Business Website


Your business websites need a bit more oomph. You want to make a statement online to the people that know you as well as future potential clients. 



Let your website do the talking.

Sutherland Sites Website Creation | Monleo Chemicals Cleaning company


R13 500 - R30 000+

You want to sell products or services online. You may want some assistance along the way.


You want your current clients as well as other online users to find you and buy from you.

Sutherland Sites Website Creation | Brandmed Group

Custom Website

R80k - R1M +

You’re wanting your website to become a money making machine. It is the very backbone of your business, without it there is no business. 


Everything needs to be specific to your line of work. Users should have a easy experience using your website or mobile app

Sutherland Sites | Website Quotation

Please fill out the following form if you are wanting a brand new website. After you complete the form, we will analyze the information and contact you. Alternatively you will be redirected to a page where you can place a online meeting with us and we can go through the details together.