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Mobile apps have changed the way we live our lives. They wake us up in the morning, get us to work on the fastest route, remind us of what we need to do for the day while playing and remembering our favorite songs. 


At Sutherland Sites, we’ve built a team of developers that are well versed in a variety of coding languages. We understand that functionality is important as well as design and user experience. 


We have almost 10 years + experience in the software development world. We have built apps that help companies go paperless and reduce their ink, paper, and machine maintenance costs greatly. 


We’ve built forms and databases that can save doctors time so that they can see more patients in a day. The list goes on and on.


but that’s not why you’re looking at this page today, how can Sutherland Sites help you with an app? 

App Features

What can we do for you?

Below are some features we are able to assist our client on based on passed experience & previous projects. 


There are a lot of features we’ve built in the passed, these are just a few to mention. 

Database Building

User Profiles


Digital Documents

Online forms

Online Bookings

Digital Diary

Real Time Solutions

Automated data handling

Personalized Experiences

Master Dashboards

Community Groups




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