About Sutherland Sites

who we are

Sutherland Sites started as a passion for digital design and simple IT solution development. Over the years we have built smart solutions for clients as well as build some beautiful business brands. We started with simple developments in 2015 such as landing pages and 5 page static websites. However, being cognizant of the fact that technology is growing rapidly we found that high schools were teaching grade 9 learners the things you previously needed a degree for, such as the websites we were developing at the time. 



So in order to grow and continue to be significant, we decided to enhance our learning and to keep up with new technologies in the web development space. Diving deep into fully customised solutions for our clients that have the need for specific developments. So far Sutherland Sites has not looked back the future looks brighter than ever.  

Our Vision

To develop smart IT solutions that are practical and life changing. we want to build brands and software that changes lives and saves the planet.

Our Mission

Sutherland Sites is on a mission to become an international branding and IT solution service provider. The world is smaller now, and we're a google search away from international business.

Our Values

At Sutherland Sites we are patient with our colleagues and clients, we are practical in our solutions and work process and we are productive on a daily basis.