Website Landing Page

R 2,500.00 R 1,500.00

Website Landing Page

R 2,500.00 R 1,500.00

Product Summary

Sutherland Sites will build you a Landing page website within 2-3 working days, you pay here online and we will start the process. The online payment method is for your convenience to pay without waiting for an invoice. Paying online also allows you to pay in various ways. We at Sutherland Sites accept a variety of payment methods, you can even pay with crypto currencies if you would like.


Please see the long description for what this product entails.

Product Description

What is included in this website package?

  1. Domain name purchase
  2. Editable platform
  3. Responsive design
  4. CMS (Content Management System)
  5. 5-7 Pages
  6. Hosting & Support (R195/m)
  7. (Monthly Website Consulting | Optional – Additional R750/m)


How our website development process works:

  1. After you have made a deposit of at least 50% of the total amount owed, we will start commencing work on the project. If we have not spoken beforehand we will call you to get all the details we need unless you have already provided them though our site
  2. Once we have all the details for the website you’re wanting we will start developing your new website
  3. The turn around time will take less than 5 working days. This is assuming we have all the information we need and that there are no additional custom features requested.
  4. We will go back and forth on design, layout, functionality as well as what your business needs for the website to work for you.
  5. Once we have completed the website we will require the remaining 50% deposit for the website to go live.
  6. Thereafter should you wish to edit, update or transfer to another developer/hosting company we will provide all relevant details via email



Maintenance is an optional selection for our services. We charge R195/m – R495/m for business websites this is dependent on space, upkeep and changes requested. There is a lot that goes behind a website that you can not see to make it work, but just like when you take your car for a service you don’t see the mechanic working on your car engine but you just that the car is working. This is similar to how backend maintenance works.


Backend Maintenance

  1. We update the PHP through the cPanel if provided
  2. Plugin updates
  3. WordPress theme updates
  4. Email forwarding
  5. Security checks
  6. SSL certificate updates
  7. Website backup
  8. MySQL database backup
  9. Website Restoration


Front-end Maintenance

Front-end maintenance is everything you can see on the website, content, images, videos etc… We will make all these changes on your behalf if you don’t have the capacity or knowhow to do so yourself.

  1. Content Changes on request
  2. website additions are charged separately (Pages, forms, plugins etc…)


Maintain your own website

Should you wish to keep the website in your full control, we have a “WordPress Website Training Course” that will provide you with good quality video content, giving you everything you need to know on how to build, maintain and grow your website yourself/in-house. It’s easy to follow along with, simple to understand and should you get stuck at any point, we at Sutherland Sites will assist you where possible.

R 2,500.00 R 1,500.00