Online forms

Turning important manuals, PDFs and documents into online functional forms

Why digital forms are better

With 2020 and 2021 being a health crisis, more and more companies are going paperless. Taking their current forms, applications, manuals, company profiles and making them not only easily available online, but easier for customers to complete online as well.


• Are you still using paper? 

• Spending money on ink cartridges and toners?

• Struggling to find old forms and documents people sent years ago?

• Wasting time on manual data capturing on excel spread sheets?

• Do you lose that information because of incompetent employees?  


Sutherland Sites would like to save you a few more early gray hairs and make your life so much easier with paperless forms and simple mini app solutions. 


There a few benefits to this:

1. It’s cost effective on paper

2. Always accessible with Internet on any device

3. Easy to find and to track completed documents

4. It’s a lot more Hygienic 

Why should you go paperless?

It’s seems like an obvious reason, you’re saving on everything paper costs and more. No more ink cartridges, no more time wasted standing by the printer, no more technical support to fix the printer. 

Any form your business uses as paper right now has the ability to go paperless and to be recorded on a database which is safe, backed up and user friendly. 


Everyone knows how to use their phone these days. Everyone knows how to fill out a contact form. this means whatever document you have or use in your business on a daily basis can be transformed into an online form which everyone can use on their phone be it Android or Apple operating system. 


So why are you still using paper? When all your clients have a phone? 

PDF forms vs Online Forms

Imagine you have a loan application PDF document you currently send out to clients which requests a clients name, address, contact details, medical history and so on. You send 50 or 500 clients the document, they either print the document and fill it in by hand or they have the ability to fill the document in on their laptop. They can’t fill it in on their phone immediately so you will only receive the form back a day or 2 later. 


You eventually receive the information and now you start to capture all the data. There is a lot of room for human error here if you have a receptionist capturing the data and hopefully she remembers to save the excel spread sheet after spending a full work day capturing the data. After all this is done you finally have all the information you need to do follow ups and so on. 


Now with Turing those essential documents into a mini app or online form, you will be able to send all your clients an email with a link to the form. They click on it from their phone. Fill in all the information with ease, hit the “send” button, and all the information is already stored and captured in a database which is search ready.  You can see who filled in the form, what time, which link they clicked on and all the information you needed on access to within a couple of minutes. 

Here are a list of forms or documents that can be converted into a mini app or online forms

Any document that requires a name, email, signature (consent / agreement) can be replicated online. 


You have simple forms and you have complex forms simple documents that are only information based are quick and easy to do. WE just need to make sure that they work the same on Apple and Android devices. 


Complex forms that need to be live and functional take a bit longer but 100% possible. like a live calculator or a live bar graph. 

forms like this can have a database where you have access to all relevant information you need. 

How much does this all cost?

Online forms should be cheaper and more efficient for your business. It should minimize cost and maximize efficiency. 


That being said, all things data are dependent on the amount of traffic and users you acquire. 


A mini app or form needs:

  • Hosting
  • Email Functionality
  • Updates / Maintenance
  • 3rd party integrations (analytics etc…)

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